Develop the skills to lead your organization through any challenge.

Otu Labs uses people science to help your team work smarter, build resilience, and feel better doing it.

Our story

Otu Labs was conceived in response to a dire need to increase well-being at the workplace. 

We came to Otu Labs from widely different places that shared similar dysfunction. 

Ryan was researching change management approaches, trying to find ways to facilitate organizational learning and growth. But despite many promising leads, no method he found seemed able to deliver true transformation.

Meanwhile, Aleksandra was witnessing the effects of workplace dysfunction in an industry that is rampant with it: academic research. Rather than pursuing a career in biomedicine, Aleksandra decided to dedicate herself to addressing the mental health crises she witnessed as a researcher. But how to go about it?

Serendipitously, their paths crossed with Suzanne, one of the leading experts on Dialectical Behavior Therapy, who had been eager to apply the principles of the therapy to the workplace. They joined forces with Daniel Manitsky, a change management veteran.

Otu Labs is the result of the integration of these principles with management theory. We are dedicated to researching, developing, and implementing solutions with impact, that make work more meaningful for all of us, and that reduce suffering.

Existing approaches to management lack support for their effectiveness for improving well-being and increasing effectiveness, or they require years of specialist training that few have access to.

Otu Labs aims to address this critical gap by offering a simple, effective, and comprehensive approach.

Join us in making working for the better! 

Backed by science

Otu Labs uses what works. Not only do we use methods supported by rigourous study, we constantly conduct research of our own to provide the most innovative, state-of-the-art approaches to improve well-being and productivity.

Practical team skills

Our approach targets the harmful behaviors that can make work miserable and makes it harder to adapt. Like a good stretch routine, our approach follows a structured method that will develop you and yours day by day, skill by skill.

Created for you

Every company is unique and different. From Day 1, Otu Labs will work with you to understand your mission, vision, goals and needs to tailor our program to you and increase not only productivity but satisfaction, motivation, and well-being.

Like what you see?

Our Team

We created Otu Labs to promote internal well-being and productivity in the research community by creating a better workplace. 

Our team consists of subject-matter experts in change management, psychology, and research.


Aleksandra Kożyczkowska, Ph.D.

Chief Facilitator

Aleksandra is a scientist with working experience in industry and academia. She has been equally passionate about positive changes at workplaces that lead to better performance and improved well-being of researchers and employees. By studying cognitive behavioural therapy (DBT) she learned evidenced-based methods that  increase mental health and well-being and she transfer them to professional settings by facilitating workshops, trainings and one-o-one sessions.

Ryan Armstrong, Ph.D.

Change Management

Ryan both researches and facilitates change in organizations. As a researcher he explores practical ways of achieving positive, sustainable learning in complex environments. Since 2014 he has focused on well-being and productivity in the research community, and has offered numerous practical workshops on the topic.​

Suzanne Witterholt, M.D

Program Design

Dr. Witterholt is a leading authority when it comes to helping people achieve meaningful and lasting change in their lives. Since 2004 she has been a distinguished fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and was named Psychiatrist of the Year by the Minnesota Psychiatric Society in 2011. She is currently serving on the Board of Directors of the DBT-Linehan Board of Certification.

Daniel Manitsky

Organizational Development

Daniel Manitsky has 20 years of experience helping clients use participative tools to co-create solutions to complex organizational challenges. His work spans the public and non-profit sectors in 30 countries. His most formative professional experiences include:

  • serving as lead coach and facilitator for multi-stakeholder coalitions that improved social indicators at scale in Africa (Nutrition) and the US (Homelessness);
  • leading results-based change management projects within the public-sector in Africa, the Middle East, the UK and the US;
  • designing beneficiary-lead social innovation programs in Nepal (Nutrition), Ghana (Community Development) and Ethiopia (Reproductive Health).
  • Training NGO staff on social innovation tools and techniques in Colombia, Spain and the US.


He holds a Master of Public Administration from NYU and two bachelor’s degrees (magna cum laude) from the University of Illinois. He is certified in Lean/Six Sigma, Agile (PMP-ACP), Program Management (PMP), Change Management (ACMP) and as a Coach (IFC-ACC). He has served as a faculty member for the World Bank’s Collaborative Leadership for Development Program.