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Skills Training

Online and presencial training in short, dynamic lessons

One-to-One Sessions

Personalized guidance applying the skills to solve your workplace issues

Comprehensive Programs

Combine skills training, individual consultation, and assessment according to your needs

Take a step toward better work

For a limited time, we are offering our services at a substantially reduced rate for individuals and teams seeking to improve their workplace practices.

Otu Labs aims to share what we learn about individual and group practices with the academic community.


Reduce Stress & Increase well-being

Our program will provide you with skills not just to manage stress but to address its source, offering powerful problem solving approaches you and your team and apply to all aspects of life.

Boost performance

Our program not only decreases stress, it increases you ability to solve problems. Throughout the duration of the program, you will have access to the tools and coaches to give your productivity a major boost.

Increase Adaptability and Resilience

Organizations that fail to adapt don't survive for long. Whether a superviser or a supervisee, our program will train you to be a positive force for change in your team.

Service packages


Looking for change but not ready for comprehensive program? Workshops are a powerful way to get the most from our approach in short sessions. Our workshops are dynamic and fun, and will challenge you to approach your work differently


Our one-on-one development is a personalised approach based on cognitive behavioural therapy (DBT) to reduce stress, anxiety and burn-out and finding work worth doing. Therapeutic sessions to increase your resilience, motivation and fulfilment, both in your professional and personal life 


Comprehensive programs involve regularly training with a group within your organization to bring about large-scale impact changing your workplace in culture of reference


Are you at a research institution? Consider our targeted program:

Change Lab

Love your work. Love your lab

Join us in creating healthy, productive research cultures

The Change Lab is Otu Lab’s initiative aimed specifically at the research community to increase both well-being and productivity.

We are conducting a participatory study to apply and evaluate our approach for improving work outcomes for researchers.

Labs in Crisis

It is difficult to overstate the impact that science has on society. And yet, evidence suggests that researchers themselves are struggling.

For example, over 50% of Spanish researchers feel negative work culture significantly affected their productivity, a significant loss in potential impact. If that weren’t bad enough, many report research takes place in toxic environments.

+ 0 %
Early career researchers will develop anxiety or depression
0 %
Graduate researchers drop out before completion
0 %
Would not report misconduct in their workplace
0 %
Would not feel safe reporting a sexual assault in their lab

How we help

Our services aim to provide researchers and other members of the research community positive alternatives to the behaviors, structures, and routines that sustain workplace dysfunction.

We help to create supportive, collaborative environments where people can achieve their best. Every participant will come away from our training with practical skills they can use that boost not only productivity but also well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

We set our fees on a sliding scale based on ability to pay. Those in the for-profit sector can expect to pay competitive rates reflecting our expertise, while those in the public sector, NGOs, and those with other needs can expect less.

Any member of the research community can participate. The Change Lab curriculum has been designed specifically to benefit teams of researchers. The absolute best way to do the Change Lab is with your team, because the possibility to change organizational culture is highest when working with a coalition. However, individuals will also learn leadership and problem solving skills that can have lasting impact on their workplace.

You should be able to dedicate about 3 hours per week to completing the course, which includes coaching, activities, and skills training.

Yes and no. The Change Lab is an application of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) for the organizational setting with a diverse array of management and leadership concepts, where these have evidence support. DBT is a powerful approach to problem solving with a long history of improving well-being, even in highly complex situations.

Absolutely! We have experience with many industries. Just drop us a line at info@otulabs.com and we will be in touch.