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We are delighted in your interest in our programs. Please use the form below to us know a little more about you.

What happens next?

If you signed up to hear about our courses, we will send you information related to these when we open our next cohort. We also include information related to our courses in our newsletter. You can also contact us at any time directly by writing us at

Once you submit the form above, our process looks something like this:

Step 1: Read about the program

After we confirm your email, we will send an information packet that explains the programs in more detail. It includes mutual commitments, orientative pricing, and a description of the program.

Step 2: Schedule a risk free assessment

Your information email will contain instructions to schedule a initial session with a Otu Labs expert to discuss your goals and address any questions you have about the program(s) you have selected.

Step 3: Settle the details...

There are many options for participation. After your initial session and depending on your needs and goals, Otu Labs will work with you to begin the program. If participating in group training, individuals will be placed in a skills group, while Otu Labs will facilitate the creation of skills groups for teams.

Step 4: The journey begins!

Your program begins! By this time, all you need to do is come to weekly skills training, work with one-on-one with your facilitator, and complete the activities (we think you will like them!).